Dinghy Sailing

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LASER 4.7 CLASS (Under 18)
420 CLASS (Under 19)
29er CLASS (Under 19)


 This document aims to:-

 1.1  provide an open, fair, non-biased and wholly transparent account of how young sailors in the youth sailing classes referred to in paragraph 2 can follow their dreams of participating in top level competitions at national and international events. Primarily, it sets out the (new) selection process for youth sailors seeking to take part in those national or international events which require nomination of entries by the national authority, viz., HKSF.

 1.2  provide a clear and transparent pathway to young sailors to get to international youth    performance levels through these targeted classes (first), and specifically to provide training and preparation for the Asian Championships and Asian Games

 1.3  expand the base of youth sailors to create a sound feeder system to other classes with the ultimate aim to achieve results in the Asian Games and Olympic Games.


 2.1 The following youth classes are covered under this policy:-

        1.     Optimist Class (Under 16)
        2.     Laser 4.7 Class (Under 18)
        3.     Laser Radial Class (Under 19)
        4.     420 Class (Under 19)
        5.     29er Class (Under 19)
        6.     Hobie 16 Class (Under 19)

 2.2 Currently, due to limited available resources, HKSF is limited in its organization of youth squads to the 6 classes referred to in paragraph 2.1 above. However, HKSF may decide to include other youth sailing classes in the squads in the future and any such additional classes shall also be covered in this policy subject to further announcement.

 2.3 Subject to unforeseen changes in the age limit introduced by ISAF or the Organizing Authority in the youth classes in 2.1 above, HKSF may have to revise the age limit in the respective class as and when necessary. Announcement will be made when such revision is necessary. 

 3. Events this Policy covers

 3.1   Events where these youth classes participate and for which national authority nomination is required are covered under this policy. They are:-

         1     ISAF Youth Worlds;
        2     Asian Sailing Championship;
        3     Asian Games; and
        4     Any other multi-sports Games where selection is made by the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC).

         Such events generally set a limit on the number of entries from each authority.


4.1 The HKSF will organize or allocate selection trials for the six youth sailing classes mentioned above each year between November to April the following year for (a) the selection of sailors for HKSF National Youth Squad, and (b) nomination for events covered in para 3.1 above, for the following year. (For example, results of selection trials held between Nov 2013 and April 2014, will be used for nomination of sailors to ISAF Youth World 2014).

 4.2 There should be separate start for each youth class in the selection trials.

 4.3 The schedule of the selection trials will be published on the HKSF website on or before 30 September each year. Circulars giving information on the trials will also be sent to the respective national class associations, the HKSF Recognised Teaching Centres, and local yacht clubs.

 4.4  Two to three events (“Squad Selection Trials”) will be identified as open selections of HKSF National Youth Squads. Two to three events (“Event Selection Trials”) will be identified as open selections for ISAF Youth World, Asian Sailing Championship (and possibly Asian Games) depending on the time frame. Announcement of the selection events will be made on or before 30 September each year. 

 4.5   For Asian Games results in the same Event Selection Trials as specified in para 4.4 will be used for nomination.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, information of another multisports Games to be held in the year is received after the selection trials, results in the same Event Selection Trials as in para 4.4 may be used for nomination if it is deemed not feasible to organize separate selection trials.

 4.6   Points will be awarded to each sailor/team equal to his/their overall finishing place in each selection trial. If a sailor/team fails to do a selection trial, points awarded to such sailor/team for such selection trial will be the number of entries of the relevant youth class in such trial plus one.

 4.7   For selection of HKSF National Youth Squad, sailors/teams in the same youth class will be ranked according to their respective accumulated points awarded for all Squad Selection Trials. Similarly, for nomination for those international events as mentioned in para 3.1, ranking of sailors/teams in the same youth class will be based on their respective accumulated points awarded for all Event Selection Trials. The sailor/team with the lowest score ranks the highest. In case of a tie, it will be broken in favour of the sailor/team that finished higher in the last trial that counted for the selection.

 4.8 Results of the selection trials of individual youth classes will be the basis on which the   HKSF Council will make its decisions on selection or nomination (unless varied by the circumstances set out in paras 4.9 to 4.11 and 4.15 hereunder). For selection of sailors to participate in the ISAF Youth Worlds and the Asian Sailing Championships, the HKSF reserves the right not to endorse participation if the performance of a sailor/team is deemed to be not high enough. However a sailor/team will be automatically selected if such sailor/team is ranked 1st in the Event Selection Trials and has finished in top 45% of the fleet of the relevant youth class in certain overseas or international events, namely the latest Australian Class Championship, the latest Singapore Youth Championship and any other regatta with at least four countries competing and a minimum fleet of 24 boats in the relevant class and taking place within [6] months preceding the last Event Selection Trial.

 4.9   Selections will be made in accordance with the entry/eligibility requirements of the event as imposed by the organizing authority. For example, a maximum of two boats per class will be selected for the Asian Sailing Championship and a maximum of one boat per class for ISAF Youth Worlds.

 4.10 For Asian Games, a maximum of one boat per class will be nominated subject to the selected sailors having fulfilled or undertake to fulfill the eligibility requirement of Asian Olympic Committee and have overseas results which HKSF can use to support their nomination to SF&OC. For details, please refer to para 7 below.

 4.11 For other multisports Games, depending on the entry requirement, the selected sailors will be nominated subject to them having fulfilled or undertaken to fulfill the eligibility requirement imposed by the Organizing Authority or the SF&OC or Asian Olympic Committee and having overseas results which HKSF can use to support their nomination to SF&OC. For details, please refer to para 7 below.

 4.12 In respect of the trial results being used to qualify sailors for the HKSF National youth squads, the top twenty ranked Optimist sailors and (subject to the recommendation of the National Racing Coach) the next highest ranked three Optimist boys and three Optimist girls under the age of 12, a maximum of six single gender teams in the 420 Class (top three ranked boys teams, and the top three ranked girls team), a maximum of 4 sailors in each of Laser Radial Class and Laser 4.7 Class (top two ranked boys, and the top two ranked girls for each class), a maximum of two Catamaran teams and a maximum of three 29er teams will receive the HKSF invitation to join-up. It is up to individual sailors to decide whether they will join the HKSF squads.

 4.13 In case of vacancy in the High Performance Camps organized by HKSF, at the recommendation of the HKSF National Racing Coach, invitation to join the HKSF National Squad may be made by HKSF to the Optimist sailors ranked 21st to 25th in the Squad Selection Trials and those Optimist sailors who have defeated an Optimist National Squad member in Hong Kong Optimist Association ranking regattas or international regattas in the current racing season.

 4.14 If sailors selected from the trials for events covered in para 3.1 are not HKSF National squad members and do not wish to join the HKSF National squad, they shall not be entitled to the training and funding provided by HKSF to the National Squad Members. 

 4.15 If sailors selected from the trials are existing members of the HKSF youth squads, the HKSF National Racing Coach’s recommendations may also be a factor to be taken into account in the nominations by HKSF Council. The HKSF National Racing Coach will submit his/her recommendation based on the following criteria to the HKSF Council for consideration:-

          a.     Attendance for High Performance Camps. (At least 80% attendance is required)
          b.     Performance, conduct and attitude in training.
          c.     Logged on-water training hours.
          d.     Fitness level.

 4.16 To ensure fairness and transparency, two members of the HKSF Council will be appointed to attend each selection trial as observer and provide the Council an observation report on the trial. 

 4.17 Sailors must meet the eligibility criteria of the Class they wish to enter the selection trials for. Sailors must meet the eligibility criteria of the events/Games they wish to enter, and must meet the eligibility criteria set by the relevant parties that provide funding to receive such, if any, for participation in the events and squad training. All National Squad members must be a resident of Hong Kong.


5.1     If nominated sailors that have agreed to enter specified events subsequently seek to withdraw from the Hong Kong entry, they must communicate this in writing, with reasons, to HKSF as soon as possible, in any event not later than two months before the entry deadline for approval. If a replacement is needed, the HKSF Council will nominate the next sailor in the ranking of results in the trials subject to appropriate checking of the new arrangement.

5.2 Nomination by the HKSF will be withdrawn if a selected sailor commits and is found guilty of any of the following acts:-

a.     Gross misconduct in local and/or overseas events
b.     a criminal act
c.     a breach of anti-doping rules
d.     failure to comply with the eligibility requirement imposed by the Organizer two months before the entry deadline.
e.     failure to comply with the training hours requirement in the four months before the international events for which the sailor was selected, or in such shorter period between selection of the sailor by HKSF and the international event.

5.3    Under the circumstances of action under para 5.2 above, the HKSF Council may, at its sole reasonable discretion replace the sailor with the next one on the ranking, if appropriate. Please refer to paras 4.10, 4.11 and 7 for details.

6.      TRAINING

6.1 HKSF National Youth Squad Members will be provided training in High Performance Camps at a fee of $880 per person per camp. Squad members are required to attend at least 80% of the training days of such camps.

6.3   Sailors selected for international events must complete a minimum of an average 40 training hours per month or such other hours as specified or agreed by HKSF National Racing Coach in the four months leading up to the relevant international event or in such shorter period between selection of the sailors by HKSF and the international event.


7.1 Selection of entries for Asian Games/other multisports Games is made by SF&OC based on sailors’ overseas results. Even if sailors are selected from the selection trials run or designated by HKSF, they may not be selected by SF&OC if they do not possess overseas results that fulfill SF&OC’s criteria.

7.2   For details of Asian Games Selection Criteria, please refer to SF&OC Asian Games Selection Criteria in Appendix 1 and the Eligibility Code of Olympic Council of Asia in Appendix 4 attached.

7.3   Selection Criteria of other Multisports Games will depend on the criteria imposed bythe Organizing Authority and/or SF&OC at the time.

8.     FUNDING

8.1   Sailors whose nominations are approved by SF&OC to take part in the Asian Games, the SF&OC will provide them with accommodation, transportation, meals and cost for transportation of equipment for taking part in the Games. As for other multisports Games, the funding support will depend on what provisions will be given by SF&OC.

8.2 All sailors selected to take part in the international events as mentioned in para 3.1 (other than the Asian Games) will attend such events at their own expense, except that funding and subsidy may be provided to those selected sailors who are also HKSF National Youth Squad members.

8.3   Any youth sailors, regardless whether they are HKSF Youth Squad Members, will be eligible to apply for the Elite Training Grants/Individual Athletes Support Scheme provided by Hong Kong Sports Institute, if he or she has obtained results from overseas events which have met the criteria for the grants. Applications for the Elite Training Grants will have to be approved and endorsed by the HKSF Council.

8.4   The funding and subsidy to be provided by HKSF to HKSF Youth Squad members will be announced on a later day.

9.     APPEAL

9.1   If a sailor considers that the selection was unfair or biased or he was discriminated in the selection because of his race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age, he may lodge an appeal to the HKSF Council within 14 days of the selection announcement. The appeal shall include the grounds for appeal and supporting documents.

9.2   The appeal will be considered by an Appeal Committee consisting of 3 members, one of whom shall be an Officer of HKSF and the remaining two be members of the Racing Rules and Appeal Committee. No member of the Appeal Committee shall be a member of the HKSF Selection Working Party.

9.3   A hearing by the Appeal Committee will be held within 10 days to listen to the views of the appellant sailor and HKSF and question both parties. The procedures and format of the hearing will be similar to those under the Racing Rule 63. A written decision will be provided to both parties within 10 days of the hearing unless further information or document is required by the Appeal Committee or the hearing has to be reopened for further questions or clarification, and in such case, the 10 days decision period will be reduced to 5 days.


Appendix 1 - SF&OC Asian Games Selection Criteria
Appendix 2 - Eligibility Requirement of ISAF Youth Worlds
Appendix 3 - Eligibility Requirement of Asian Sailing Champ
Appendix 4 - Eligibility Code of Olympic Council of Asia
Appendix 5 - HKSF Youth Squads
Appendix 6 - ISAF Eligibility Code
Appendix 7 - Elite Training Grants (Individual Athletes Support Scheme/IASS)
Appendix 8 - Schedule of Selection Events for 2013/2014
Appendix 9 - National Youth Squad List (1 April 2014 - 31 March 2015)
Appendix 10 - National Youth Squad List (1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016) NEW