Dinghy Sailing

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(Issued in August 2015)


1.1 With the aim of training the top local young sailors for international events, HKSF recruits young sailors to the HK national youth squad annually.

1.2 The HK youth squad comprises the following classes:
(a) Optimist (under 16 of age)
(b) Laser 4.7 (under 18)
(c) Laser Radial (under 19)
(d) 420 (under 19)
(e) 29er (under 19)
(f) Hobie 16 / SL 16 (under 19)

2. Selection

2.1 The annual selection for the youth squad will be based on the sailors’ results in 2 local regattas held in or before December of each year. HKSF will announce the 2 local regattas for each class’s selection by August of each year. So far as the circumstances permit, HKSF will include the respective class’s HK championship as one of the 2 regattas for selection purpose.

2.2 Scores will be awarded to each sailor/team equal to his/their overall finishing position in the relevant class’s largest fleet (which may include boys, girls and adult sailors) in each of the 2 selection regattas. If a sailor/team does not take part in any one of the selection regattas, such sailor/team will be awarded a score equal to the number of entries of the relevant class in such event plus one. These scores will be added together.

2.3 The sailor/team with the lowest scores will rank the highest. In case of a tie, it will be broken in favour of the sailor/team who finishes in a higher overall position in the last selection regatta.
2.4 The top ranked sailors in the annual selection will be invited to join the youth squad for 12 months from 1 April to 31 March.
2.5 During a year, HKSF may admit further sailors into the squad if such sailors win the selection to participate in ISAF Youth World Championships or Asian Games or win HKSF funding to do the ASAF Youth Sailing Cup.

3. Size of the Squad

3.1 The maximum number of young sailors to be recruited in the squad by the annual selection is as follows:
(a) Optimist – top 20 sailors in the ranking
(b) Laser 4.7 – top 3 boys and top 3 girls
(c) Laser Radial – top 3 boys and top 3 girls
(d) 420 – top 3 boys’ teams and top 3 girls’ teams
(e) 29er – top 3 boys’ and/or girls’ teams

3.2 HKSF reserves the right to change the number of squad members as long as such change will not prejudice the sailors admitted to the squad through the annual selection.

4. Eligibility

4.1 To be eligible for selection to the squad, the sailor must:
(a) Have been an ordinary resident of Hong Kong for at least 3 consecutive years
(b) Not exceed the relevant age limit as set out in paragraph 1.2 at the time of annual selection
(c) Be a member of HKSF (if you are not a member, you must apply for membership before joining
the squad)

5. Training / Racing

5.1 Each squad member much fulfil the following training requirements:
(a) 15 hours of training over 4 days per week
(b) Attend the High Performance Camps organised by HKSF for the relevant class

5.2 Each squad member is also required to compete in his class in at least 4 of the following local
regattas in each year:
(a) HK class championship
(b) ABC Opening Regatta
(c) ABC Southside Regatta
(d) ASAF Youth Sailing Cup (HK) / HK Race Week
(e) HHYC Open Dinghy Regatta
(f) HKSF Festival of Sport Regatta

6. Funding & Other Support

6.1 Funding will be available to support some top squad members to do certain international events
designated by HKSF and Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI). Details will be announced once the
budget is approved by HKSF Council.

6.2 Subject to the criteria set by HKSI, squad members will be invited to join the Elite Training Program
of HKSI.

6.3 Squad members are entitled to attend the High Performance Camps organised by HKSF for their
classes free of charge.

7. Selection for international events

7.1 In principle, there will separate selection trials for international events where entries are limited and
to be made or endorsed by HKSF. However, if circumstances do not permit, HKSF will select sailors
to an international evens based on their results in the last 3 local regattas (which are listed in
paragraph 5.2 above) before the entry of the international event is open. In such case, the same
principles of ranking of sailors as set out in paragraphs 2.2 and 2.3 will apply.

8. Suspension & Withdrawal

8.1 HKSF reserves the right to suspend or terminate a sailor’s membership in the squad, to withdraw or
not to endorse the entry of a sailor in an international event if such sailor commits any of the
following acts:
(a) gross misconduct in a local or international event
(b) a criminal offence
(c) a breach of anti-doping rules
(d) failure to fulfil the training requirements as set out in paragraph 5.1 above
(e) failure to meet the eligibility requirements of the relevant international event

9. Appeal

9.1 If a sailor considers that the selection is unfair or biased or irregular, he may lodge an appeal to the HKSF Council within 14 days of the announcement of the selection results. The appeal must include the grounds for appeal and supporting documents.

9.2 The appeal will be heard by an Appeal Committee consisting of 3 members, one of whom will be an officer of HKSF and the remaining 2 be members of the Racing Rules and Appeal Committee. No member of the Selection Working Party will sit on the Appeal Committee.

9.3 A hearing by the Appeal Committee will be held within 15 days to listen to the views of the appellant sailor and HKSF. The procedures and format of the hearing will be similar to those under the Racing Rule 63. A written decision will be provided to both parties within 10 days of the hearing.




Appendix 1 - National Youth Squad List (1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016)
Appendix 2 - Junior Squads Overseas Events Funding Plan
Appendix 3 - Event for Selection of HKSF Youth Squad 2016/2017 (Revised on 9 November 2015)