Dinghy Sailing

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Selection regatta points system
1 point will be awarded  for 1st overall in the class fleet ranking (for the most inclusive official ranking list), 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and so on. Points awarded for event rankings will be added together, lowest score ranks highest. In the case of a tie it will be broken in favor of the team/athlete that finished highest in the last event that counted for the selection.


Sailors whose nominations are approved by SF&OC to take part in the Asian Games, the SF&OC will provide them with accommodation, transportation, meals and cost for transportation of equipment for taking part in the Games. As for other multisports Games, the funding support will depend on what provisions will be given by SF&OC.
All sailors selected to take part in the international events (other than the Asian Games) will attend such events at their own expense, except that funding and subsidy may be provided to those selected sailors who are also HKSF National Squad members.
Results of the selection trials of individual classes and the report from the National Coach will be the basis on which the   HKSF Council will make its decisions on selection or nomination. For selection of sailors to participate in the Asian Sailing Championships, the HKSF reserves the right not to endorse participation if the performance of a sailor/team is deemed to be not high enough or training commitment does not meet National Squad standard of a minimum of 60hrs a month in the 4 months prior to the event taking place in agreement with the National Coach
Selections will be made in accordance with the entry/eligibility requirements of the event as imposed by the organizing authority. For example, a maximum of two boats per class will be selected for the Asian Sailing Championship. 
For Asian Games, a maximum of one boat per class will be nominated subject to the selected sailors having fulfilled or undertake to fulfill the eligibility requirement of Asian Olympic Committee and have overseas results which HKSF can use to support their nomination to SF&OC. For details, please refer to SF&OC selection/qualifcation criteria.
This policy covers the following Classes (with the exception of the windsurfing classes);
All Olympic Classes
All Asian Games and Asian Sailing Championships Classes (with the exception of the Youth Classes)
The following are the requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the “One Hong Kong” National Squad (Open):
1.      Must have scored at least 3 points under the HKSI Elite Vote Scoring Table for senior athletes in the last 2 years;
2.      Or must have finished in the top 5 at an Asian Games
3.      Or must have scored at least 3 points under the HKSI Elite Vote Scoring Table for junior athletes in the last 2 years when making the transition from the Youth Squad;
4.      Must meet a minimum of 60hrs training a month in agreement with the National Coach
5.      Must be a resident of Hong Kong
Athletes meeting these criteria may either apply to the National Coach or be invited by the National Coach for their names to be put forward to the Selection Working Party as becoming members of the National Senior Squad.  This is subject to endorsement by the HKSF Council.
Any sailors, regardless whether they are HKSF Squad Members, will be eligible to apply for the Elite Training Grants/Individual Athletes Support Scheme provided by Hong Kong Sports Institute, if he or she has obtained results from overseas events which have met the criteria for the grants. Applications for the Elite Training Grants will have to be approved and endorsed by the HKSF Council. 
Sailors must meet the eligibility criteria of the Class they wish to enter the selection trials for. Sailors must meet the eligibility criteria of the events/Games they wish to enter. They must meet the eligibility criteria set by the relevant parties that provide funding to receive such, if any, for participation in the events and squad training.