Dinghy Instructor Training

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The HKSF organizes the Dinghy Instructor Course from time to time for people who are interested in teaching sailing.  People who are interested in doing a Dinghy Instructor Course must attend and pass a one-day Pre-Entry Assessment conducted by an HKSF Dinghy Examiner not more than one year prior to the instructor training.

Eligibility for Pre-Entry Assessment

1. Candidates should be aged 18 or above;

2. Candidates must demonstrate that they can sail a dinghy confidently to the standard represented by the HKSF Dinghy Certificate Level 1 to 4.

3. Candidates must have attended the Racing Skill and Day Sailing Course and have obtained the Racing Skills and Day Sailing Certificates.

4. Candidates must possess the Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Certificate issued by the Marine Department.

5. Candidates must hold a valid First Aid Certificate.